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Friday, August 25, 2006

Retirement Party!

We had John's Retirement Party on 08/19/06. John enjoyed it thouroughly! There were lots of people that he love's alot there even though there were still lots of people that he loves a lot that were not able to come. He got the pictured shadow box as a gift from Ydur & Ydneg. John was very proud of the shadow box and was very appreciative of it. The flag in the shadow box was special ordered just for John. It was flown over the US Capital in Washington DC in John's honor for 30 years of service to the HPD. We had some wonderful friends that put the party together and made it beautiful.


  1. I'm glad he enjoyed his party. He has worked hard! And you guys did a great job on his shadowbox,Ydur & Ydneg. How very thoughtful of ya'll.

    Happy Retirement John!

  2. We had a great time! I am glad we got to go! The kids had a blast too! They were so worn out,which is a good thing sometimes! :)

    Yall did a great job putting it together!


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