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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Spent the day at Momma's House!

And it was good!!

Gendy and I went to momma's house today. Fred had a family reunion that he really wanted to go to but he didn't want to leave momma alone. Gendy offered to go there and spend the day with momma. My youngest sister has so much compassion and handles lots of things very well. I thought maybe I could help out someway so I went to momma's as well. I can serve and I enjoy doing it but Gendy serves with compassion and enjoys doing it especially for momma! I called momma's hairdresser (our cousin Lesa) and asked her if she could come to momma's and do her hair for her. Lesa said by all means she would be there in just a few minutes and she was. Thank you Lesa!

Gendy was so good to take momma in and wash her hair so Lesa could roll it and style it. Gendy you truly have a heart full of love. I Love You.

Gendy came up with the idea to make momma a little plate to put beside her chair with lots of small bites of apples, cheese, raisins, bananas & peanut butter. Momma liked it very much and ate out of it all day. It helped her nausea because she kept something on her stomach. She is not up to a full meal so this worked out perfect. It had her strength up enough that after a little while after I got home momma and Fred drove up bringing my computer and camera (that I had left there) home.
You worked alot today, I bet you were one tried camper!!!!!

I believe overall, momma had a good day as well!!!

We were able to do some cleaning that they needed done and just some plain ole visiting. It was a good day.


  1. I'm so glad you and Gendy are taking such good care of Mama. Good pictures! I havent' seen Lesa since she was a teenager, I guess.


  2. uhhhh you worked just as hard as I did... And I did nothing that you would'nt have done, I just did it first... thank you for coming over there with me, I think its a little easier to do these things if you have a "partner in crime". I did go by there tonight and mama looked and sounded good. She was listening to a Henry Mahan tape and said she felt pretty good. She said she had been up all day and had a good visit with Le Cob ( the govenor) and his girls.
    Sleep tight...


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