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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Visit from the King Family

Daddy Jared put a movie on so Addie would relax
and take a nap.

Didn't work Jared for putting Addie to sleep but it sure did for

Got to spend a little time with Jesse!
What a cutie he is.

Eyes full of wonder!

Jesse, named after his Pawpaw and
his Great Grandpa.


What a little smile!

Miss Addie did take her nap once Mamaw told her we would put
 sprinkle polish on her fingers and toes AFTER her nap!!

Well, momma and daddy said it's time to go so Jesse got to ride
to the car on Pawpaw's shoulder.

Bye Pawpaw and Mamaw!
Somehow Momma Leigh avoided Mamaw's camera but I'll get you next time!!!  Glad y'all came to visit!
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