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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The End of Another Year...Goodbye 2013

Well, I want to thank the Lord for the year 2013.  He didn't have to give it to me but He did!  I don't understand all that took place in this year but He does and I'm trusting Him.  There have been lots of twists and turns.  Some relationships have had drastic changes take place.  There have been lots of hurts but also lots of healing.  It's very hard for me having grown children especially letting them be adults and make their own way.  I believe God wants me to love them but let them learn to trust Him as I have had to learn to trust Him.  I am still learning and I will be learning till He calls me home.  I pray tonight for the Year 2014 that all of my children and grandchildren will trust God for each and every step of their lives, but 1st and foremost I would ask The Father that if it would please Him; to save all of them for His good pleasure.  I pray that they can all learn to rest in His care.  In Jesus name I ask, Amen!

A quite and restful night with Kae and Pawpaw tonight as we await the arrival of the New Year 2014.

Happy New Year to All
Blessings to you all.........

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