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Friday, August 03, 2007


I'm more than a little behind but I just had to share some pictures of my grandsons. Our 2 oldest grandsons were here to visit us July 15th - 19th. We sure enjoyed them. This was their 1st time to be 200 miles from their parents and they did wonderful.

On our trip back to Ben Wheeler from Houston, we stopped at the Texas State Railroad. We visited a real train station!

Jacob was a little unsure about walking across the real railroad tracks but pawpaw was there to walk with him and it worked out just fine.

Dylan was the only one that would get his picture taken in front of the Texas State Railroad monument. I believe Jacob was getting a little tired.

They helped pawpaw put up the new flagpole. They then lowered it to half staff in honor of Lady Bird Johnson who had just passed away.

They got to ride on the tractor with pawpaw. I think pawpaw enjoyed the ride as much as the boys. He really likes the tractor!!

Jake did a flip on the trampoline with the assistance of his 2nd cousin Chris.

This picture came out a little funny but it give the inpression that the ghost of Uncle Rudy was right there with them!! Only thing is "Uncle Rudy is not a ghost, he 's alive and well!"

They played "The Police" alot as well. Don't they make good lookin' policemen.

Even with all the fun we had, they were glad to see their mom, dad and little brother.

"Spiffy" Joseph was glad to see them as well!

We have had a good summer. We have gotten to have all our grandchildren at our house for a little while except Joseph who is a little young yet. We look forward to next summer. We love you all, Logan, Dylan, Kaelyn, Jacob, Joseph, Jessa and their parents Ronnie & Jennifer, Jeremy & Rebekah, Shawna & Jeff.


  1. Well, I enjoyed the little explanations of the pictures, but the pictures themselves are not showing up on my computer. Wonder why??


  2. I'm not sure what happened but it looks fixed now.

  3. Ah, now I can see pictures! Very cute. Looks like everybody had a good time. Very handsome boys.


  4. they sure are a bunch of sweet kiddos! That "Spiffy Joe" is a doll!

  5. I started to get scared when I read the "ghost of Rudy" Sheesh!

    We love you too, very much!


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