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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is it a Hillbilly RV????

Sunshine (blonde donkey): What is this pulling into our place???

Miss Dolly (gray donkey): I think it's an RV....

Sunshine: An RV?? For who??

Miss Dolly: Let's follow it still it stops. Maybe we can talk to the driver.

Sunshine: Hey, Mister Bare! Where you going with this RV.

Mister Bare: This ain't no RV. It's the Chicken's house.

Sunshine: Who's the Chicken's? Are they moving in here?

Mister Bare: Miss Dolly, you know you have to share the neighborhood.

Sunshine: Awwwe, where's this neighborhood headed??

Kasie (little Beagle): I don't know what going on here. I was here 1st but I have to tolerate you donkey's cause you're bigger than me but I don't have to tolerate these chickens. I'll have them for lunch first chance I get!

Sunshine: Hey, you better watch out for Kasie. She can be a real irritant. She could make a mess of your day....

Well, I guess you know by now that we have added some (6 to be exact) chickens to our menagerie. We hope to have farm fresh eggs. If you come to see us, we'll share.

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  1. Hahahaha. Funny Story. I like the new chicken house and chickens!

    Hope you have fun with it and enjoy your fresh eggs.



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