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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Momma and more that love her

Sarah Leanne and Momma Jack

Aunt Arthella and Momma Jack

(L to R)Rachel, Buster, Momma Jack, Emilee, Sarah, Julie and Cory

Ronnie and Momma Jack

Momma Jack and Me

Picture from the outside of Momma Jack's room at The Homeplace Hospice Facility

Close up picture from outside of Momma Jack's room. You can see her if you look closely.

This is what Momma Jack sees as she looks out her window.

This is a closeup shoot of the berry's that are on the bushes outside momma's
Momma was really pleased to see her two nieces; Patricia aka Cricket and A'laine. The young one in the picture is Jona, Alaine's granddaughter. Christine, Jona's mother was also there but I somehow missed a picture of her. Christine, how did you get out of getting your picture taken? They came to see momma since Aunt Burr couldn't. Aunt Burr has the shingles. I pray for comfort and healing for her.

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