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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Gates and fences and dirt!!

HFR is really being very productive these days. He got our big gate put up that sure makes it nice when moving around the trailers and the tractor.

Doesn't it look great!!

We had to get a couple of loads of dirt for our new fence since the fence is level but the ground is not. In some places the puppies can walk right under the fence. We'l get that fixed real soon with all this dirt.

HFR also got the gate on the otherside of the house fixed so we have better access to Sonny, our little ON LOAN donkey. We will be taking down the old fence as soon as we get the dirt hauled over to fill in all the puppy escape routes.

And last but not least; our helper donkey, Sunshine. She always wants to help so we are going to put her to work shoveling dirt.

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