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Friday, January 23, 2009

I gotta brag on Sonny...

Sonny came to visit us back on July 3, 2008. He was just under a year old. Boy was he spooky but then you have to remember he had just been taken away from his momma. He wouldn't let you get real close without running and kicking at you.

Well, there has been progress. This pictures was taken on August 25, 2008. he just might come a little closer for an apple wafer!!

Round about September 21, 2008 Chad began to spoil the donkey's (when I say spoil, I am spoil them rotten)by bringing them fresh fruit. Well Sonny couldn't resist the fresh fruit.

Look at him now, this was taken today!! You can get out in the pasture with him to love on him and even touch and rub on his ears and feet. He's not rideable yet but I'm not sure HFR & I are young enough to hit the ground even a few times to get him to that point! He sure is turning out to be a really good pet. Maybe soon he will be old enough to see if he will be a good mate for Sunshine.

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