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Friday, July 10, 2009

Trip to Mt. Enterprise

Hi all,

HFR and I had an interesting trip over to Mt. Enterprise today. HFR found some lumber on CRAIG’S LIST and decided it would be of use for his shed for the tractor and the trailers and to top it off it was at a good price. We got there and were met by some of the politest young men. It's a shame that now a days when someone is polite you think they are putting on a front but not these young gentlemen. The light was shining brightly. This was who they were. It was also interesting that the lumber was rough cut. They had their own sawmill and they cut their own lumber from trees they had cut.

We visited and shared a little. They attend Heritage Baptist Church in Mt. Enterprise. When I got home I looked them up on the internet and found the link above for their church but I also found a link to a song being sung by a young lady in their church that really blessed my heart. I haven't listened to the preacher preach yet so I can't atest to the preaching but I do know that they are KJV only.

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