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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Today is Momma's 78th birthday!!

Bekah sent her the prettiest Flower cake!!!

We are going to momma's church ( "Grace Baptist Church") this morning. They are having their Christmas lunch today and we will celebrate momma's birthday as well.

Bro. Dan Cozart preached a really good message on Who Jesus Is. This was the 2nd in a series he is doing. This message was on Jesus' Humanity.
You can hear it online later this week at

We had a really good lunch at the church. Gendy made a splendid (from scratch) cheese cake. Rudy made a great bowl of cabbage. Thank you both for your servant's heart.

Gendy went all out today. She made this beautiful birthday cake for all to enjoy and participate in our celebration of momma's birthday. Everyone at the church lunch sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to momma. She got lots of cards from a lot of people. I believe momma enjoyed it all.

Dolese got to come to church and help celebrate her Great-Grandmother's birthday. Doesn't she look pretty among all the beautiful poinsetta's. She sure make the flowers look beautiful!!!

Whitney was there as the grandchildren representative. She sure makes a pretty representative!!!


  1. What a pretty cake,... I mean flower arrangement. I talked to mama this morning and she told me about it. She really liked it.

    Wish I could be there with ya'll today. Hope you have a good day with mama on her birthday.

  2. Aw Meo thanks for the compliments, you forgot to mention that you made chicken spaghetti and I didn't even get any, it was all GONE!!!!!! I do think it was a good day for Mama. She said it took her an hour to open all the cards! I'm gonna have to swipe some of your pics. Mine weren't that good.
    Love ya,


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