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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Freeze is hard on flowers

Back on February 11, 2009 I had the prettiest tree in my front yard.

This morning or maybe I should say over night we had temperatures in the 20's and now all the blooms are very sad looking.

Speaking of beauties. Look at these little beauties. They are all growing like weeds and doing very well.

Kasie, their momma is doing good as well. She has kind of taken a liking to being in the house. I just hope she doesn't get to acustomed to it because it won't be long before they are back to their backyard kennel. She has always been an outside dog and is not house broke, so you really have to watch her. Believe it or not she is really doing quite well.

Their daddy Pete has returned to his old self after his trip to see Dr. Kauble. It slowed him down for a day or 2 but he's back!!! We decided that sixteen children will be enough. This was his 2nd litter to father.

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